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22 February, 2009

Garden Planning -- Wild Side

So here I sit in an epic location for gardening: mild clime, soft soil, avid growers all around,...
Last year, buried by a mountain of debt and duty, waylaid by a Spring that had even the local-born complaining about cool and wet conditions, and facing a yard untended for years, I counted myself industrious just to plant a strip by the road (herbs and flowers and beans., oh my), prune existing rhododendrons, clear out some brush in the black, and exercise some unnatural selection on the front yard.

Over the winter, I moved a bunch of arborvitae from their harbors snug against the house to the back corner where they'd block us from the neighboring deck. Blahblahblah.

In the meantime, I've done fieldwork all over the state, witnessing some incredible wildflowers along the way. Here and there, I've had the opportunity to collect some seeds. In a couple of places, I salvaged some plants that would've fallen.

Pictured here are a few of the native treasures that will live in an Olympian suburb. From top to bottom: lupine (pretty, and of course fun to say in Monty Python accent), Prince's Pine (forgot the Latin for the moment, but another fine looking plant, and I cannot resist evergreen groundcovers), and what I think is buckwheat.

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