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26 September, 2009

Lake Union 1936

In keeping with the orthophoto mosaic theme, here is Seattle and Lake Union, from 1936. (Yes children, they had cameras back then, and airplanes for that matter, but the cameras had rolls of plasticky stuff inside that had to go to a lab before you could see anything.)

Again, water is used for the the trickiest intersections between individual frames, and so Lake Union is a patchwork, but not as bad as the Hood Canal one from the last post; is it just that black and white is more soothing? Of course, it does make the bridge over the Ship Canal a tricky crossing.

Various churches through history have identified funner ways to go blind, but that wouldn't work in the office, and being a geek I enjoy ferreting out old photos and squinting and peering to find old shorelines and historic hot-spots. Lake Union is one of the places I keep looking at, and have been meeting with a group of Seattle people interested in the submerged history there. Right now we have sonar scans (lots of squinting and speculation looking at those images, believe me), and are ready for divers. Anyone out there scuba certified and good at staying just above toxic silt?

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