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04 November, 2014


Republicans gain control of the Senate!

Um. I think that happened years ago. Seriously, did the Democratic senators do anything for the past six years?


  1. Apart from stopping anyone in civil service from doing ANYTHING - have any of 'em?

  2. Are we talking about the U.S. Senate? Because, the Affordable Care Act isn't nothing.

  3. ACA may be something, but it has not entirely kicked in and may yet be dismantled or disabled, so I'll wait a few years. The "something" that it is falls way short of what could have been had Obama and the Democrats opened negotiations by scuttling single payer in favor of what the for-profit insurance industry had in mind.
    But yeah, the Democrats have done a thing or two, and I do tend to post knee-jerk comments here, so Emmett is right.