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02 May, 2008

Onlooker Photo

In this shot, it seems like everyone is really looking at something, but not all at the same thing. The Procession is that kind of parade: species varied in pace and style, a myriad of enjoyment, not marched to the specifications of network coverage. One woman looking up while her friend looks down, another peeking out from behind, a big guy glaring at me...Oh crap. I think he's coming over here. I hope he doesn't go rhino on me.

And who is that man with the hair I had in 1986? With the Hawaiian shirt. I have a sneaking suspicion that he may be Paul Reuben, or whatever Peewee Herman's real name is. His Big Adventure film is showing at the Olympia Film Society this month, and everyone knows that Peewee is so fiendishly professional that he would have to do some audience research, the type of guy who would think nothing of putting on some weight and dying his hair just to walk among the fans who would return his masterpiece to the big screen after all these years.

And do you think that's George Carlin behind him?

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