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03 March, 2009

Scablands Tourist Bureau

Last year I got a chance to go to the Channel Scablands. Well, not really to the Channel Scablands...just passing through, like coulee water outflow. Nothing like the massive flood that created the channel in the first place, which would've been cool to watch. (BIG flood. Check out the truck in the bottom photo for scale.) And no flood, no channel; no channel, and all you got is scablands, a name conceived before tourism.

Not that I have anything against scablands. Pahoehoe makes me happy, makes me feel at home. Not that I grew up in Hawai'i, but I spent enough time walking on volcanoes to have it in my blood. Or I bled on lava rocks, or something like that. I look at a view like this and want to hop in the canyon and look for lava tubes, maybe pick up some imu rock.
But I digress. Not sure what the point of this post was suppost to be. Maybe I need to spend more time in the scablands to figure that out.

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