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15 March, 2009

Can You Can?

In Bellingham Bay, on the Fairhaven side, near the foot of Bennett Avenue, there sits in the shallows a big boulder. You can see it from the shore, or from the new pathway over the water itself. Some of the tourists enjoying a stroll notice the boulder, and a few appreciate its warm ruddy glow when the sun makes an appearance.

Plenty of lcoals appreciate it as well. To some, it's a sentimental favortie among Bellingham places, a piece of history.


Because this boulder is a reminder of the cannery that once stood here. Boats pulled in, disgorged their catch, which emerged not long after in cans. Except for the icky parts. And trimmings of tin, which were swept off the end of the wharf. Year after year, tin scraps into the shallows, piling up rusting, forming Fairhaven's favorite boulder.

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