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02 August, 2010

Procrastin Nation

Having committed to scrolling about two-thirds through my photo library and choosing from that page-load, I came up with this.

Which turns out to be the beginning of a wooden woodpecker, optimistically presented a year and a day ago as a work in progress.

I cannot be bothered to recall why I stopped--another sturgeon has started to emerge from an alder log in the meantime--but the carving is in about the same state as then.

I mention this not as a springboard for more bogus philosophy, but because there is a phone call that I should be making, and I'm not gonna do that just yet. Not really in that phrame of mind.

Besides, the cell-phone needs a charge, and it only makes sense to do that and then make the call. I figure a couple of hours oughtta do it. Hope I don't get sidetracked and only remember after business hours.

It's so easy for me to get sidetracked away from phones. I don't really like them except to call out on and to bridge the lonesome waters and chasmic canyons that keep me from my loved ones, sometimes. But most people call either because you got something they want, or they just are talk-addicts. Grudging acceptance is about all I'll give the cellphone, but I don't feel obliged to keep it charged or even remember where t is most of the time, much less answer it. I've neglected about 3 phones to death.

Think I'll go check if the coffee is still any good...

Now that I am back (as I suspected, not even enough dregs to drink), I can see thatI beat the dead phone horse quite enough. I should go shift the sprinkler, do something productive. I got this little red spray-head shaped like a flower, and put it on low, just a gentle little spritz a foot in diameter, and move it around during the day. Right now I am working down the row of blueberries. They're in full fruit now, and we've been getting clear hot afternoon sun, letting the berries ripen while the roots gets a drink.

But I should stop yapping and move the sprinkler, because a little procrastination can e good harmless fun, but wasting water is pretty lame.

So until next time, I log off from Procrastin Nation

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