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16 October, 2010

Two Words

Lately I made up a couple of words.

The first flew back in the face of homegrown fundamentalists greeting the globalizing world with inquisitional hatred. A day or so after I thought uip this word, the head of the Southern Baptist Convention came out so strongly against yoga. Yeah, even the stretching kind, devoid of devotion.

The  first word: Talibaptist.

The second bubbled up to the surface as I read a blog about a guy whose ethnicity, or race, or heritage, or linguistic affiliation, or whatever...that something was unclear to the author. It stopped ay short of the slurry "What are you?" and part of the author's goal was to be funny, but the entry seemed to be a case of

The second word: Ambiguotry.

As in, an obsessive need to assign an individual life form to a single class, socio-economic, racial, ethnic,....again, whatever. Not to be confused with "ambiguot," (wait, is that a third word?) an individual whose inability to utter a definitive statement renders them idiotic. As a government employee, I encounter ambiguouts, but not nearly as much as if I had a TV to watch the news, especially the new talk shows and public access coverage of certain municipal meetings.

No, the nounization of ambiguotry is "ambigot." I know, it's inconsistent, but that's English for you.

Somewhere sometime someone will read this and say, "No way, I heard 'talibaptist' back in 2009, you didn't invent it, you lying muther.." Or they might comment "In point of fact, the term your referrring to was coined by..." Or some such quibblement. There are those who think that ideas, words, and things are invented and then diffused. Like every culture who ever built a puramid was visited by Egyptians, and probably aliens as well. I cannot swear that I heard one or both of these words before, but I sure don't remember it. I think I invented them.

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