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22 January, 2011

Silly String

I check in now and then on the routes that lead to Mojourner Truth. There is a list of searches people entered that led here. "Heatilator" related queries lead the pack. "Heatalor" leads there too, google being a lenient spelling grader. Are the heatilator entries what will live beyond me, is that what I'll be known for?

It was funny to see "Pat Benetar" a little while back, but this week was the best ever. For one, someone searched "scablands tourism" and found me. Har har.

But by far the best (of all time, so far): "she was to be our eve" in quotes. It's a line from the original Planet of the Apes. Heston wakes up to find the only female crew member from the long voyage won't be waking up from the suspended animation that they'd beein in during flight. Incidentally, there is the briefest flicker of relief passing across his face as he does his manly best to project regret. That cigar he was smoking in scene 1? Post coital. (Cigars are never pre-coital except for the smell-blind.) He'd have had a hard time explaining to her why she was already pregnant. The last thing she would have remembered was him poking her with the sleeping potion needle, and nothing else. Fucking Heston, pen-necrophiliac.

Anyway, maybe the most greatifying part of the discovery of this search string was learning that it yield just 4 hits on google (til I post this), and two of them are Mojourner Truth. Some people want large numbers of readers. I want an exlusive, weird audience, and it looks like it's working.

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