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01 January, 2011

Resolutions with reservations

What do I resolve this year? Have not though about it til now, and probably will forget in an hour or so, but here goes:

Cut Back on Coffee. I've heard it is not great to drink an entire pot of coffee every day (although whoever said this was not trying to write when the kids are finally asleep, or stay awake in cubicle-land). So I will reduce terms of liquid beverage volume. I got an espresso maker for christmas, and may be able to increase caffeine while technically living up to this resolution.

Do it Myself. This past year I made a few things, planted more food, made pickles and sauerkraut, and canned some jam and spiced apples. Now it's time to move beyond condiments and on to real food, maybe fix up the bike to where I can self-propel myself more places, and of course, secede from the union.

Be a Thorn. As that last comment may have conveyed oh so subtly, I'm sick of being a subject. Corporations and the politicians they buy don't want to hear from me, but they will. Let the ineffective letter-writing campaigns begin!

Spread the Love. There is a lot in this world that I love, and I hope I can find more ways to show that. Maybe it'll help balance out my increased thorniness.

Stop Procrastinating. That should have come first.

Follow Through. I have no trouble coming up with ideas for things to do, to write, to,. . . uhhh. You know. This year, I'll try not to just let them fall by the .... snore.

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