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16 April, 2012

Something in the Air (KAOS)

It's that time again. After months of soggy-slumber lumbering through the dark, the days are long, Procession of the Species is nearly here, and plants are pumping out blooms and pollen, putting Spring in the air.

Meanwhile, on the air, KAOS. Recently voted Olympia's favorite station. The place we go for a morning wake-up un-marred by commercials, or jack-assedness, or Beltway speak. The place where you can tune into news and music from all over the world and right here in Olympia, without wondering how much it has been winnowed down to nothingness by corporations and professional pundits. 

You listen. You know no other station will carry this much commercial-free broadcasting, this much world music, this much native programming. 

But do you contribute?

I won't get into the whole list of reasons why you should join. Sure, you can get one of the new T-shirts or one of the indestructible mugs. Sure, you can pay off the donation by flashing your KAOS card around town and getting discounts. But maybe the best reason you should join is that the more people who are members, the better KAOS is able to protect this little patch of the people's airwaves from becoming part of the radio blandscape. 

There is strength in numbers. The more KAOS members there are (and it is incredibly cheap to become one; you can get your name on the list without a major sacrifice), the better the station is able to get other funding, and to hold off the various forces that would be happy to turn 89.3 into another outlet for voices that do not speak for our community.

The KAOSticians on and off air volunteer their time and produce outstanding programming that requires work far beyond the hours they put in on a show. Most of them also pay the dues to be members. They do their part, and we can do ours by calling them and saying good job, maybe putting in a request, and joining KAOS.

Do it now. Here.

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