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06 July, 2012

Starry Day

Somehow, by virtue of appearing in this blog, my photos end up on something like flickr, but I've never had the discipline to maintain a photo feed. When I was on facebook, I'd post photos pretty often, but generally after some delay, never from a mobile de-vice, and ultimately without any devotion to the like-ers, who I abandoned when I left social networking on January 1. 

My photos aren't art, but I do take enough (half a thousand, on a busy week) that once in a while there is something interesting. I work in some interesting places where not so many people go, and keep my eyes open enough to notice (or accidentally capture) one of nature's compositions. I tweak some images further, playing with contrast and saturation and the other sliders iPhoto offers (my daughter, a colorsynch utility devotee, scoffs, but I'm a lazy off-the-shelf kind of guy) until it grows tiresome or satisfying. But mostly, I'm just shooting pictures, documenting whatever I saw so I won't have to write things down.

Like this. An orange starfish at low tide on Hood Canal. Altered a bit, until it reminded me of Starry Night (except with a black cat profile--can you find it?). It only happened because of wandering, waiting, and wasting time. No rapid mobile post, nothing instant. Take that, instagram.


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