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06 November, 2012

We The People (Corporations Not Included)

I was not expecting to log in this soon, but it looks like the liberals are doing well. Instead of a day or week or month of recounts and challenges, it looks like Obama won.

But let's zoom in. Looks like the Democrats may win the governorship. The senate was never a question,...congratulations Maria. My congressional district, newly created, has gone for the Democrat. In the state house, my local senator and reps had no real opposition, so the liberals win again. 

Oh, and we voted to approve same-sex marriage and legalization of marijuana. Because We the People of Washington want those things. Maybe not personally, but we voted against archaic prohibitions.

The cool thing is that despite the Supreme Court's decision on the travestially named "Citizens United" decision, despite the 4:1 spending in favor of the GOP, money did not win. One person, one vote still won; while not united, citizens still decided the election. Americans appear to have not yet stupidified to the point where they will let ads rule. 

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