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19 November, 2013


What the hell is this? Ask an ArchaeOlygist.

OK, I held off saying so here until the Mission Spit salvage project was done, because I didn't want treasure hunters showing up at an unguarded pile of artifacts (even if they were all broken, and deemed officially insignificant by regulatory archaeocrats).

But there's an archaeology blog for Olympia now. Because I just cannot resist that kind of messing with words, it's called ArchaeOlygy. So far, it's mostly about a sand spit that contained evidence of the first Catholic Mission in the area, but I plan to branch out, if not go very far afield. Any other archaeologists in the area interested in contributing are welcome. I don't really care if you are a professional, as long as it's about the past down here in the South Sound, and does not talk about finding dinosaurs, use the word "treasure," or suggest that aliens of the Lost Tribe of Israel made the site you are writing about.

I may cross-post once in a while, and archaeology that has nothing to do with the Olympia area will still appear here, but ArchaeOlygy will exist until I'm bored or it's clear that nobody is reading it. I'll still be a smartass over there, but with more focus, and less trickery and fakelore.

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