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04 April, 2014

Art is in the Eye of the Decider

I'm gonna be late for work because of this, but so be it. Checking the news, I saw that our second ex-President Bush has been showing his portraits of world leaders, that he painted himself! Looking at Putin, I'd have to admit it looks like the work of a non-painter. Once again, W is demonstrating that Texas strut, as unaware that his paintings leave a lot to be desired as he was of leading us into two pointless wars.

At least the Putin looks a little like the real Putin, but it that reminds me of something else as well. The cheeks as smeared as those days whe Paula Deen has been drinking and insists on doing her own make-up. Oh! I know! They remind me of this, another famous bit of art news from our glorious age:

Seriously, very similar. Someone should tell Mr. Bush that he's supposed to learn from the original art, and not the botched restorations.

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