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20 May, 2014


1. Noun. Person who knowingly uses obsolete or out-dated hardware and/or software to access the internet and lesser networks.
2. Adj. Tending to opt for less than optimal or state-of-the-art information technology

The LuddITe differs from the aolzheimer's victim in having full (or self-presumed full) awareness that he or she is rejecting, foregoing, or otherwise intentionally dis-availing herself of the latest and greatest IT (an acronym variously believed by luddITes to stand for "Internet Technology," or maybe "Information Technology," or "I-world Titillation").

In the Late Human period, the LuddITe occupied an area of intense anthropological interest, a liminal state between traditional, technology-shunning hominids and the mass-adopters of mainstream tech consumers of the proto-Cyber period. As such, the LuddITe represented an incipient or low-level form of resistance to late-stage capitalism: a consumer, to be sure, but one unwilling to sacrifice cash for the newest product. Initially, the adjectivial use of the word focused on refusal to accept online prompts to update software, but in time, with the rise of sentient AI overlords, came to be viewed as a danger sign, a red flag signalling resistance to improvements devised by AI IT.

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