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05 June, 2014

Guts, Not Guns

Seems like they happen pretty often, these sickening slaughters. Today, it was close to home, at a college in Seattle. One already dead, and three wounded; sadly, this qualifies as a minor incident compared to some of the rampages that punctuate the American story these days. When will this stop?

There will be people saying that the way to make it stop is to regulate guns. There will be people saying that the way to make it stop is to arm everyone and allow them to carry guns anywhere. All a matter of opinion, I guess. I have my own opinion on the matter, but enough people are spouting, so let's just focus on the facts and look at what actually happened today.

Students and faculty in harm's way got a warning message, and went on lockdown minutes into the attack. The school later said this emergency procedure was in response to another college shooting, back at my home state's Virginia Tech, where some deranged asshole killed nearly 3 dozen people before it was over. Having an emergency response and students and staff trained to take cover saved lives today.

Another piece of data: the slaughter was stopped by an unarmed dorm monitor, Jon Meis, who jumped in as the murderer reloaded, doused him with pepper spray, and subdued him with nothing but his own body. No guns, just guts. 

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