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25 February, 2011

Coyote Pretty

Apparently, I do not tire of taking photos of wind turbines (see?). I finally noticed this one from my last up-Columbia drive. The contrail lines up with the wind, and tricks my eye into thinking that they're turning. You have not idea whether they were. Lots of times they aren't. Like when the wind ain't blowing. But many times I'll see some turning, others immobile, blades feathered. Sometimes, this is most of what you see. Out of service.

Like in this shot, which further tricks you into thinking the wind is blowing by angling the biggest turbine back, as if blown mightily.

Sneakier still, this shot messes with scale. The power line is big, not the country road poles you usually see. The turbines are ginormous. Look closely, and unless the internet pixillated it away you can see the lines are in front of all the turbine towers. I'm not even close to them. It looks like the power line should be heading off in the distance behind the windmills, but they're not. It's befuddling. Don't look too long, or it'll mesmerize you.


You did it didn't you? You went back and looked, lost track of time. Stared like shrinking Alice before the colossalizing towers. Thought you heard the roar of the wind, but it was only the jet. So wrapt up you didn't wonder: How were you hearing the jet? Then some chattery window popped up, crackled into your awareness, and snapped you out of it.

Never did read this bottom part of the post for a while, either. Admit it, the next time you stumbled across this entry, you scrolled back up again to look at the picture, but this time because you were stoned you fell in for 42 minutes before falling asleep. Again you had not the least suspiction that at post-bottom I awaited patiently.

How long did it take? (No, not you. I know you got it the first time. I mean those other people.)

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