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28 March, 2011

New Laptop

It was getting close to time to get a new laptop anyway, but the promulgation of new personal use policy from my employer sped up the process. They sent out an email to all staff saying that we're allowed to use our work computers, networks, and so on for a combined total of 15 minutes per week (in increments not to exceed 5 minutes).

It is their machinery, I guess, but it seemed a bit harsh, considering that they expect me to be on the road so much, dependent on a laptop for everything from finding eats to maintaining contact with loved ones. So 15 minutes a week is basically zero, especially when you consider how slow many hotel connections are. 

Today I head to a convention that is relevant to my work, but for which I am picking up a large part of the cost, and which I was not required to attend. I am only delivering papers 2 of 4 days of the conference, and want to be free to google various things that touch my mind during this time. I can just imagine some auditor defining that as "not strictly work-related," ergo a new laptop.

I suppose this means that I am addicted to connectivity. 

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