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19 March, 2011

Equinoctal Resolution Evaluation

I figured that the day the earth swings round to spring in my hemisphere, when we pass that tipping point of sunlight, that makes a good time to reflect on those resolutions I made.

Well first of all it ain't even the Equinox yet. I didn't plan it, but here I am on the penultimate day, Equinox Eve, writing this, so I'm alright on the not procrastinating bit.

And I have cut back on coffee, without sacrificing that sweet sweet caffeine. Thanks, low tech stovetop espresso pot.

Doing more stuff myself? I've planted sno-peas and canned enough marmalade, apple butter, and marmelade to survive on sammiches for a months. Recon missions for mason jars and garden plots continue.

I also vowed to "Be a thorn." I rant aplenty in this here blog, for all the good that does (none, other than maybe saving my kids from having to hear it). I've also started writing to my reps in the state legislature, and have gone to a couple of rallies at the capitol to let the rest of them know that regular people are tired of government of the people, by the politicians, and for the corporations. It's been heartening to see how many people feel the same, and we're not gonna shut up.

The one I've had the most trouble with is spreading the love. Thorniness' ascendancy trumped the peace and love stuff.

The last one was to 'follow through,' and for the first time ever, I think I've done that.

Now I can slack for the rest of the year.

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