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10 June, 2011

Sorry, Bentho-Biologists

A while back, in the mood to both glorify the 20th Century Nature Show, and probably also to indulge in my penchant for high-brow fart jokes, I wrote this post called Abyssal Vent. I didn't mean any harm, and none would have come but for the end of the semester rush to do "research" for science class term papers. As it stands, I now top the google results hen people search 'abyssal vent,' with ot without quotes. Go check it out yourself (and drive up my numbers, bwahahahahaaaaa)

Then again, maybe you shouldn't. Or maybe you should click on some of the actual information out there. Not that mine is bereft of information on deep sea biomes independent of that bastard, the Sun, but there are plenty of actual experts who have built pages and sites with all kinds of information. Sure, most lack the loving attention to methane humour, but they're probably better to cite if you are writing a report. Besides, a lot of the other people that you find with that search have worked long and hard, and don't deserve to be derailed by a snickering shiftless fool like myself.

But I do have to admit, it makes me happy to see an old post gain new life, to think of some high school kid citing a blog entry borne from a desire to taunt and make fart jokes (and better yet, if the kid manages to get by with it), and to educate the young 'uns about David Attenborough and classic nature shows before Shark Week killed the genre.

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