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23 October, 2012

Fresh Water Memories

Follow the Columbia up river for a while, past Pasco, over dammed eternities, and eventually you reach the upper, uh, reaches of Lake Roosevelt. Now and then, places like China Bend more or less duck the river valley's legendary winds, and lake becomes mirror. 

You pull over to take a photo, and of course the wind whips up, rippling the looking glass. But it's still worth clicking off a few shots. 

Reflections of ridges and hills in the water reel you into a horizon that joins crisp land with it's wobby inverted doppelganger. Symmetry's lower half smeared, but still pleasing.

Back home, weeks later, you trip across these imirages and decide to remove the real part, to flip and focus on the waterworld. Like a memory: impressionistic, not as sharp, changing with the wind, maybe opposite of how it really happened, but beautiful if you want it to be.

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