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23 October, 2012

Salt Water Creatures

Sunny Side Up, Sting-ey Side Down

It's high time I stopped harping on politics, eh? Take a minute to remind myself that I live in an incredible place that has natural beauty. A place where I can walk by the shores of the Salish Sea and see wonders. Like a big old storm-cloud of a jellyfish, raining down sticky stings, its heart aflame with yellow lightning. 

Pterodactyls with cloaking devices in a night sky, or just duck-tracks?

A place where ducks walk the mudflats, take off into skies, and land in the sea and lakes, stitching land, sky and water. A place where enough nature perseveres to remind us that we are all connected.

A place where I can salvage a countertop, carve it just for the halibut, and find an appreciative recipient. 

I love Olympia, my town down by the water.


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