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18 April, 2013

It's All About Meme

I don't even pretend to understand the magic of memes. My favorite is Pepper Spray Cop, but that's just me...something about that lardass strolling through an impressionist masterpiece speaks to me about the banality of evil.

Most memes would rather be funny, or cuuuute, or hip, or whatever matters to the pre-middle-age demographic that consumes most of the genre. It can be a phrase, plopped onto whatever image you want, I am told. My daughter swears that there are meme generators where you hardly have to do anything, and it spits up a meme. 

That ain't for me. I'll John Henry this internet, dammit.

That's right.  I made a meme.

My daughter says the font is, and I quote, "The wrong one." Apparently, there is a single acceptable meme-font. It happens that she cannot name it, and makes a Comic Sans joke to distract me. 

"But this is an artisanal meme," I whine, "Of course I'm not gonna use the same san serif font that all the lemmemes use. I chose Cochin quite intentionally." Harrumph. Pause to make sure she understood how clever I was for "lemmemes" off the cuff, plus the nod to Portlandia

Still, she dismisses it as a dictionary font (probably true), and I realize that I may not be a cool as I thought. 

I was, however, able to make a slight recovery, adapting my text to another image, a screenshot my daughter sent in response to my email, "Chibby Point." If you do not know Gayle Waters-Waters, you are uncool. [Disclosure: I do know who Gayle Waters-Waters is, but still am not cool, so don't sweat it.]

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