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26 April, 2013

And Now for Somethign Completely Redundant

William Holman Hunt + Comic Sans
This painting is disturbingly fine. Seems even better than Random Internet Photo for the GHNR (pronounced like "goner") meme. I am told that Comic Sans, while sansier and ergo better than my dictionary-ish mis-choice, is still a font of ridculosity, and unsuited to a proper meme. All the better to heap on yon scapegoat, I say. 

This is the age in which we live, where the pathetic end of the unjustly reviled passes for art, or momentary diversion, whatever it is we want these days. Soon, someone will steal this idea and make a 'reality' series in which creatures already scapegoated will be targeted for afterthoughty mockery.   

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