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30 October, 2013

Ironic, or Just Sad

Having clicked somewhere, sometime, I now get emails from Move To Amend, a group trying to "get money out of politics." You can read that phrase at least a couple of ways, but what they mean is not to wring cash from politics, but to eliminate the influence of money in elections.

Sadly, the solution is to, uh,...raise money. Will it work? Not unless they raise a bunch. True, it can take a 3 to 5-fold advantage in evil money to win over for-the-general-good money, but as soon as it becomes a money race, the poor are at a disadvantage. Sure, Move To Amend is after a multitude of small donations, but all it takes is a few super-rich guys (like, Sheldon "Drop a nuke in the Iranian desert to show them we mean business" Adelson) to wipe out the advantage. Play the money game against plutocrats, and you'll probably lose.

Alternatives? I got none. Our country's education policy over the past generation or two has dumbed down then population to the extent that we're exceedingly unlikely to vote in out own commoner interest, against the oligarchs. Revolution? Unlikely, and unlovely if it were to happen in a country so saturated with guns and fundamentalism. It's a sad state we're in.

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