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26 October, 2013

Post 400: What Bots Like

Top hits this week.

October is when I typically start getting visitors here looking for information about heatilators, the passive convection fireplaces that harvest cool air from a room and spit it back out, heated. It turns out that my idle fascination with this technology made a couple of posts about heatilators perennial (if seasonal) favorites. If you blog about something that is both obscure and practical, people will find the post. They don't stick around to read the other posts, but over time the numbers pile up.

In the past couple of weeks, though, a new post shot to the top of the list. The title is generic enough that it should not stick out in google the way "heatilator" does. The topic--a discussion of agriculture, evolution, misperception among anthropologists, and risk--doesn't seem fascinating enough to justify 700 hits in a couple of weeks. I'm not seeing traffic sources that would indicate the hits are being generated by academics, and besides, there are no comments telling me where I am wrong, which the archaeologists would never be able to resist.

So, it's gotta be the bots. Why they like this topic more than teacher pay, or backroads, or whatever, I cannot fathom. I'm more interested in what the next post striking human interest will be.

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