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09 October, 2013

Yellow Matter Textures

If for no other reason than the last post being a bummer, here's something completely different: a couple of yellowish photos. Since the advent of digital cameras has made it incredibly cheap and easy to take lots of shots, I supplement the "archaeological object with scale" genre with pictures of pretty much anything else of interest: landscapes, mylar balloons in unexpected places, pretty rocks, funny signs,...and textures.

Shooting an image that lacks a specific point of interest, a textured wash of color, can be a nice departure from my usual focus, complexion instead of complexity. Also, they can make nice backgrounds for slide shows that I occasionally give at a conference or presentation (because something in me rebels against the powerpoint pre-fab options).

These two shots, miles and months apart, are just a couple of examples. The bottom one is the "mother," a mat of microbes on the surface of apple cider I was letting ferment itself into vinegar. The top one is what some people call beach dodder, Hawaiians call kauna`oa, and biologists would call a species of Cuscuta. Parasite, lei material (it's Lana`i's official flower), colonizer of seashores all over the earth, background for a slide,...the shot with no focal point is open to whatever story you lay on it.

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