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25 February, 2014

27 Degrees

These shots are from January 20th, and it may or may not have been 27 degrees Fahrenhite, but it was one of those crisp high pressure days. Apparently, I only take pictures at Mission Creek. I do like the arcs and watery sinuousities in this shot.

Turn clockwise 27* degrees, and you sees this. The beach's shelly curves are still there, but so too are a straight stream, logs, the distant horizon, and even a sign, it's verticality standing alone. Land looming large, shadows anchoring the right side. Good in it's way, but I think the top shot's better.

* Maybe not exactly 27. Maybe a boringly even 30 degrees. I just said 27 because it is 3 cubed.

1 comment:

  1. Are you a trini-trinitarian?

    I like the first shot better as well, but am glad to have both.