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24 February, 2014

Straight Outta Compton, MG!

"Bang, broken like glass and plastic"  -Kurupt 2006
(or for old schoolers, "Broken glass everywhere" -Grandmaster Flash 1982)

No, the title is not a MF-in' typo, OK?!

Just a reference to the Maywood Glass Company, of Compton, California, whose mark is the MG at the left. I heard that Dr. Dre's uncle worked there, maybe. Made a bottle that got drunk sometime during or after 1951 (so sayeth the "51" in the right-hand square), and ended up broken on a beach in Olympia. The stipply texture was known as Duraglas when it came out about a decade earlier.

Nothing but a coastal thing brought this gLAss up north, so I guess I cannot resort to my usual "globalization is older than you thought it was, you punk-ass kid" rant (as if punk-ass kids even gave a shit). Nor do I have any clue whether any of NWA's aggregate ancestry worked at Maywood Glass, so I cannot in all honesty conjure some Afro-Scandanavian tale of unity or anything else.

Um, yeah. That's it. I guess this post really should be filed under ArchaeOlygy.

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  1. Loving that you went to NWA - but then you went *that much* further and threw in a Kurupt lyric to boot. You are my number one home chicken, yo.