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24 March, 2008

Ford Fuel

Another fuel post. Mostly because it is a pain to put more than one photo in a post.

Anyway, here we have it. The fuel of the present. I saw windmills from Missouri to Oregon, but not too many, and less than half were moving.
In WV or KY, I saw a prominently located alternative energy center where there was a much smaller windmill twirling furiously. The plants around the place were decidedly stationary, and it would seem that the wind was not making the windmill turn, but a motor. Brilliant! Somewhere in the basement of the place, a strapping scots-irish lad shoveled coal into the power plant. Someone should tell him his indenture is up.

And grain ethanol? It won't disappear anytime soon, but nor will it supplant oil. Corn barely creates more fuel than it uses, and is in-bred to a degree that would make even the Mountbattens blanche and evolution smack its grinning, bloodthirsty chops. One hand of the market pushes farmers into increasingly unwise efforts to grow corn above all else, while the other stirs up a new bowl of dust.

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