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19 March, 2008

where i work

Here is my workplace.
Or at least the view from work, over the cubicle of a Hawai`i-loving guy. somehow right after I got there, he brought out a stone and put it on top of a cubi-wall. Then another guy next to him pulled one from his drawer. I let them accumulate for a while before bringing any pohaku. Today I brought the bowl that tapers down to a tiny pedestal, and it went over well.
Hawai`i-loving guy recognized pahoehoe when he saw it, and inquired whether I was right with the madame who made it. So I revealed my secret to choosing stone: go for road-kill. Taking a bulldozed outcrop frag and working it into something is ok.

But I digress. Here is another workplace photo. A place where my beard is no longer an anomaly. I am but a greenhorn with spikeless boots in these groves, but it's pretty damn fun.

The tree is a Doug-Fir. Nobody says Douglas Fir here. This one's even older and more girth-some than myself--I only have 43 rings.

So anyway, the forays have begun. We were at this place recording big cedars that had been stripped for bark to make everything from diapers to fishing nets. The fishnet-diaper itself was a short-lived phase.



  1. i didn't realize i had too much free time until now. holy mo-ley! i gotta get a job. and not one where i comment on people who don't have enough free time: regardless of how much money mo pays me per word to read this stuff. good stuff though.
    brad mendelbop, aka thumbhead

  2. i don't think that last guy read anything!!

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