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24 March, 2008

Fuel. Corn and Wind

Driving coast to coast with a 6-cylinder F150 towing a trailer-load o books and other heavy necessities consumed a fearsome sum of fuel. Not that I've looked at the satchel o receipts yet, but it had to be around a kilobuck, and that was back before the geniuses who brought us mortgage-derived securities re-directed their clients' money into $100/barrel oil and ran it up further.

And sure enough, it seemed like I was seeing
corn-stubbled fields further west than customary, not to mention in Virginia and Kentucky, and the two level fields in West Virginia. For my mountain cousins to be growing corn that doesn't turn into ham or hooch, why it's a shame.
I took a picture of some giant corn cribs somewhere in the multi-state run of corn on Day 3, but it was blurry.
I did get this shot of some alternative energy in Missouri, where most corn cribs are hidden behind giant billboards, all of which advertise websites, all of which have "mo" somewhere in them. Great state.

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