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23 April, 2011

Post 200

Now, the 200th post of Mojourner Truth. Nothing to say really, except that the pace has picked up. Post 100 came about 2 years after starting the blog, and it took just under a year to spew forth the second hundred. Not quite a third of the way through 2011, and already as many posts as in all of 2009.

More ain't better. It's just compulsive writing, and while there are some good sentences, paragraphs, and even posts, it's a scattershot. Some people gestate thoughtfully, nurture their ideas so that what they write comes out beautiful. I'm more like coral, spewing voluminously into the current, most of it spilled seed. Some posts are just notes so I won't forget something, others are germs of ideas I may come back to later, and a bunch are just blathering. There are enough now that the spewage can be categorized somewhat: backroads, environment, culture, politics, nostalgia...all those keyword tags I so laboriously added to the back catalog in the past year or so.

For the benefit of myself. Readership here is tiny. You are part of an exclusive club, like 21st century lepers, or vegetarian Uzbeks. Most people have better things to do, and I salute your willingness to waste time here, to procrastinate, to soak up irrelevant opinions and useless observations, to overlook the typoz. 

Bis spater...

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