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02 April, 2011

Opening Day

Dawn hesitates east of here, the Big Dipper hangs lower in the clearing summerward sky. 

This is the first weekend in April, which means the opening of the Olympia Farmers Market. At 10 AM, some esteemed or lucky individual will flick the cord to ring the bell, ending three months of shutdown. Since Christmas Eve, no more. Holiday cheer runs on fumes only so long, then the grim grey stretch of days goes out past where you can see. No vegetables, none of that pastured pig. No more nothing, as Hawaiians say.

Maybe be you know someone into baseball. Opening Day is a big deal to them, some are fanatical. If you think of the fan you know who's religious about it, who thinks baseball is a metafor everything, and imagine him on opening day, then you begin to see my feelings toward the first Market day. Only, I get much better food and my team cannot lose.

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