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06 April, 2011

Guten Tag

Entschuldigen Sie mich. Im Gymnasium studiert mich Deutsche Sprache. I habe am meistens vergessen, und habe nicht Deutsch gespracht fur 25 jahren.

Jetzt, Ich lesen das Deutschlanders kommen auf Mojourner Truth. Warum? Haben sie Heatilator Fragen? Mochten Sie Amerikanische Bullshit? Ich weiss nicht. Vielleicht Deutsche webcrawler bots hat mir, uh,...

OK. I'm not sure how to say 'found.' But I know that Deutschlanders speak English way better than I speak your language, so I should stop this embarrassing attempt at sprechening. You probably speak English better as well. And you have better cameras. You've let Green Party people hold high office, and treat workers a hell of a lot better than Americans, while still having a big capitalist economy. You make us look like amateurs.

What do I do with a language I spent 6 years learning, only to spend a generation not having anyone to speak it with? When I worked in a museum in Hawai`i, I used it a couple of times to read accounts by early visitors, learning what crops were growing in Kona and elsewhere 200 years ago. Maybe if I'd gone to Samoa instead, there would have been more use for Deutsch, but as it is the words have drifted away, and I have vorgotten how to conjugate. It has been decades since I read Gunther Grass or Herman Hesse, your alliterarily monikered masters. Even if the years had not robbed me of the fullness of my 18-year-old knowledge of the language, they would leave me sounding stilted and old fashioned--I studied with textbooks that were probably written in the late-1960s. 

I ramble. Maybe because I awoke at 4 AM to learn that now Germans pay as much attention to this blog as Americans, and don't know what to make of it.

Anyway, Guten Tag, Deutschland.

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