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19 January, 2013

Another Sign Post

Here are some signs from a trip to Eastern Washington a few months ago. Nothing urgent, obviously, and I don't have much to say. Truth is, I just cannot stand seeing the NRA logo when the blog comes up.

Anyway, you may recognize these signs from the Kettle Falls area. The first one is the sign for that town. I didn't learn who the grouch was, but did find a nice brewpub called Northern Ales. 1641 people may not seem like a lot in Pugetopolis, but it's bigger than some places over there, like Rice, for instance, where cattle lounge in city limits:

This next one worried me a bit, until I remembered that Hunters is the name of a town, and noticed a complete lack of banjo music (but I stuck assiduously to the speed limit, just to be safe):

I shouldn't poke fun, but driving for hours and knowing that the trip home was only beginning had me loopy already. Then I saw this sign when I stopped by Lake Roosevelt somewhere to use a fancy federal outhouse:

Literate people see this sign and learn that there must be artifacts nearby. Illiterate people assume it is a warning to educated but senseless people not to try digging in the paved parking lot. Regardless of their reading ability, looters don't slow down because of a sign. Hell, full knowledge of federal penalties barely makes them think twice. If instead of signs, there were sudden ferocious crackdowns (no warnings, no signs) by tribal, state, and federal archaeologists, fighting mad and ready to turn potholes into shallow looter graves, then the problem would stop, but don't look for that to happen anytime soon. 

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