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25 January, 2013

Flu Cough

Vitamin C magnified, by Rudolf Bauer.

Eventually, even a house to ludditic as to have no cable, satellite or broadcast TV, no twitter account or even an RSS feed, not even a contemporary culturally literate person in residence, even that house learns that there is flu around. Worse than last year, maybe.

But that does not mean that the denizen of said house gets a flu shot. Said householder is not a militant anti-medicator, not a conscientious objector to the vaccine regime. No, he (me) just places his bets with evolution. Having bred already, he could drop off the face of the earth today and not lose the  evolution game. 

But the flu is unlikely to kill me. I don't spend much time swapping germs with the populace, and I feel like a bout of flu might slow me down a bit, but not enough to hospitalize me, much less threaten the survival of me or my genome. 

So I eat garlic, and chomp down on those delicious Vitamin C tabs I have. I wash my hands a lot, and don't lick people. Maybe I'll get the flu anyway, but then again maybe I would even if I took the shot, which is not completely effective and carries a small risk of causing the disease it aims to prevent. 

In evolution I trust.

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