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15 January, 2013

Hitched to the Wrong Star

The White House rejected the citizen petition to build a Death Star. Really, look here.

Yep, in a galaxy not far away and right now, petitions against gun violence and poverty languish, while a proposal to build a Death Star capable of wiping out planets got the requisite 25,000 citizen signatures in the blink of an eye. Turns out that Americans know all about Martian Sharia Law, and intend to do something about it. Or, they fear good-hearted freedom fighters. Depends on your point of view.

My point of view is that we will have a Death Star only when Darth Cheney comes back, and he sure as hell won't be doing it on the basis of a citizen petition. Unless said citizens sit on the boards of defense contractors. 

The current adminstration, which is allegedly part of the 'liberal' Democratic Party, is unlikely to go for a Death Star. Dems tend to be Star TREK fans, not Star WARS. Like Captain Kirk and his ilk, they profess to live by a Prime Directive that forbids senseless slaughter, but like Captain Cook, they tend to resort to expediency. Ergo the Revenge of the Drones, if you'll excuse the cross-platform punnery. We already have phasers, and word has it that Obama has green-lighted the photon torpedo project,...I've said too much. 

Personally, I wish we'd ditch the overt Star worship, and pattern our defense contracts after the Planet of the Apes. Think of the money we'd save if instead of Starships and Death Stars, we invested in horses and of courses the Crudely Woven Net

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